Sunday, October 26

yeah batteries!!!

Emily has been gone over the weekend so that is why there aren't very many of her. Enjoy!!

Saturday, October 25

Sorry a little blurry

A little leopard!!

First swing outside

Ava's Appt

Ava had her appt on Thursday and things went well. We were there from 2:30 pm to 5 pm. Talk bout sucky with a 3 yr old and 5 mo old. Oh well. So she thinks that Ava has malacia-which is her cartilage in her throat is too soft. When she coughs, everything she is coughing up gets stuck in her throat because the cartilage is too soft and collapses. That is why she cant cough anything up. The airway is obstructed because the cartilage constricts. So she also thinks that she might out grow it along with her asthma and allergies. On Friday we had to do a sweat test(to rule out cystic fibrosis, just a screening) and blood work(for allergies-to the BIRD!!) And then Thurs we have to do a visual swallow test. She also gave me a different inhaler to use. So maybe we are starting to get somewhere now! Anyways, more pictures coming!!(found the cord now I need batteries, sheesh)

Sunday, October 19

Ava has been eating green beans and peas for the last week now and she LOVES it!! She eats a full container of them. And on Friday her first tooth came through!!!! Yeah!!!
The last picture is of Emily with safety glasses on. She is such a cutie. Anyways, not much else is going on. Ava has her appt on Thursday with the specialist for her cough.
Suzie is coming into town with Nathan on Friday. So hopefully over the weekend I will be able to post more pictures. Also, thank you Jason and Stacey for the early Christmas present! We are pretty excited and looking forward to getting away for a night and seeing a great concert. We really appreciate it. And thanks for making me open it when Steve was around. I was going to open it and then on the box it said not to cheat. How did you know I was going to do that? Anyways, THANK YOU.

Thursday, October 9

I found the camera cord!!!

Ava sitting up in her high chair finally!

She doesn't look too happy does she?

My favorite picture of Ava

I know, I know!! Just had to though. The headband is soo cute!!

Steve, I thought this couch was for little kids

Emily's getting too big:(

Deep in thought (maybe milk?)

Goodbye Summer!

Well that pretty much sums it all up. Hope everyone had a GREAT summer!!!

Thursday, October 2

Steve has been gone all week (Saginaw) and it is starting to suck!! Emily is missing her daddy like you wouldn't believe! I think we all are starting to come down with something. Maybe it is just the change of weather, but all Emily and I feel like doing is laying around or sleeping. No real big playing, just cuddling and watching TV. Is that bad? I don't like fall, I miss summer all ready. Oh well. Not much else is going on over in our world. Can't wait to eat Panera Bread tonight tho'.