Saturday, July 25

bad news

Well I have been laid up since Tues with either a torn or bulging disc. Flat on my back, high on Vicodin and Flexeril. I got in to see an orthopedic dr on Fri and they did xrays and gave me this monitor thingy to wear. What it does is pretty much shocks my muscles and relaxes them. It is weird. Anyways, he also gave me a med dose pack and to take it for 6 days. Well today was the 2nd day and I had an allergic reaction to it. I got a rash on my face and was having hot flashes like crazy. So I discontinued it. I am doing ok for now but off work all next week. No bending, twisting or lifting!! This is really hard to do with 2 little girls My mom has been over taking care of them which has been a huge help. I go back next Fri to see what the next step is.
Emily on the other hand has been diagnosed with fifths disease. It is pretty much like the summer flu and is very common. It is contagious to children but not adults. She gets a high fever and is vomiting. She is complaining of a headache and body aches. There is nothing they can give her other than Motrin. So that is what we're doing.
Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers!

Wednesday, July 15

Cadillac Pix-long post-BEWARE

Emily and Tristan

Look at the dirty mouth!

Kendal sneaking pepsi

Everyone playing volleyball-in pix: Don, Judie, Janeen, Joe, Larry, Marie,Mike,Pam,Heather

Pam in her dad's hat and Janeen(her mom)

Align Center

Emily and Jake having a sandwich

Emily made a friend at the beach.

E blowing bubbles in a noodle!

Ava kept falling backwards with her life jacket on and it made her really mad!

That was her face all week-She was happy

Kendelia and E

E was upset about something so she went to pout

Dylan, Tristan, McKenna, Emily, Kendelia, Ava

All us kids eating mac and cheese
Mike, Dad, Donnie, Mark and Dylan setting up my awning-a pain in the butt! It takes 4 people to set it up and 3 beers each!!!

E and Ava dancing and singing the first morning!


Emily and her friend in Lake City playing ring around the rosies

Ava napping!?

Emily and her new friends watching Toy Story in Lake City

E and Ava cooking me dinner

Ava helping me pack

Us girls in papa's big pool

Monday, July 13


She started walking in Cadillac(of course the last day) She even walked across the campsite. Then she started at home on Sunday. Today while we were all in the living room all doing our own thing. She started scootin across and then stopped, got up on her own and started walking across the living room!!!!!She gets so excited and starts laughing and falls. But she gets back up again. It only took 13 1/2 months!! Anyways, we had a good vacation and I will post a TON of pictures tomorrow. Steve was home all last week sick. He had gastroenteritis. He was dizzy, throwing up, headaches and high blood pressure. The Dr told him it was extremely contagious and even wrote him a letter for his work to be off. He did disinfect the house before we came home tho. Anyways, gotta go for now.

Friday, July 3


Just to let everyone know, we are leaving today for Lake City this weekend and Cadillac on Sunday! So no posts for a little bit, but I can't wait to come back and blog all my pix! Happy 4th