Tuesday, June 16

Ava's 1st birthday

This is an older pic but she got this car for her birthday

Em drew this turtle all by herself-No help at all

Ava looking like pocahontas(sp?)

E playing in mud

The rocking horse we bought her

This is a little garden that she adores!!

Ava eating her spaghettios all by herself

Then all smashed in her hair

Things are going well over in the shrontz world. Sorry for the lack of updating. Anyways, Ava's birthday went well and she had a blast. She received a ton of cool gifts. Thank you everyone. But the biggest surprise was that her papa and yai yai shrontz bought her and Emily a SWINGSET! Steve picked up the wood and parts on Sunday and papa came over to help. It took all day Sunday and Monday evening!! But it was well worth it! They both LOVE IT! Ava squeals while she is swining and has a hard time sharing her swing when laney comes over. She gets really mad. Emily loves to swing every chance she gets. She calls it her tree set?????Why???? good question!!! oh yeah, Ava is still not walking yet!!!!
Steve has been back to work for a couple of weeks. He had his exam last Thursday-his final. We wont know for about a month how he did. He is pretty nervous but I think he did good! He studied for 2 hrs every night for the last week. So now that is done for the summer and he will start back up in September. I have been doing alright. Hanging in there so to speak. Got back to working two days a week again. Things are a little crazy with finding a babysitter but then things will get crazier once school starts. I can't believe my little girl is going to be in pre school already!! Time flies. Before I know it they will be graduating high school and moving out!!! AAAHHHHH
Anyways, I guess that is it for now, I will try to be better at blogging now that the puter is working again!!! Cya