Thursday, August 28


Emily petting a bunny

Tuesday, August 26


Happy belated birthday Mark(aug 22-33 yr) and Jen (aug 25-the BIG 30!!) Hope you had a great day!

why why why!?

Do doctors really want to help people or are they more concerned with how many times they can get a copay and how many times they can get you in their office????? Do they even care that people (especially little babies) are dealing with a sickness and need help and guidance of what to do and where to go!! Holy cow!! Why do they keep saying see how this works for 1-2 weeks and if that don't help come back and I will check her out again. Come on. This has been going on for too long and too many dang copays. If you haven't noticed, I am talking about Ava and her Dr. again. Maybe it is because he is too old to be practicing and forgot everything he learned in school. Maybe he is getting to tired and needs to retire. "maybe she needs to see a specialist" Ya think!!!??? This has been going on for at least 2 months now. She needs some help and he just doesn't seem to
GET IT!! My poor baby is coughing, choking and throwing up mucus and all he can say is "let see how OATMEAL goes in her bottle at every feeding for 2 weeks goes" SERIOUSLY!! So I called him back and told him she needs to see a specialist now. 2 xrays, a swallow test and countless dr appts let alone copays, later he finally agrees. So lets see where this takes me.
Anyways, onto better things. Jason and Stacey came home last weekend. Emily is missing her auntie and uncle so much. She loves it when they come home. They totally spoil her and give her so much attention. Thanks guys!!! Well the shower for Suzie never came about. She called me on Friday and told me they put her on bed rest because they think she might have pre-eclampsia. She is totally swollen and her BP is high and only 34 weeks along. 6 more weeks Suzie. You can do it!!! So we didnt have the shower. We will have to bring it to her after the baby is born because I don't think she will be traveling any more for the rest of this pregnancy. Good luck Suzie!

Tuesday, August 19

nothing new

She is so darn cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hello all!! Finally updating again. Well nothing is a whole lot new over here. All of us are passing this sickness back and forth. Today it was Steve's turn. He even came home from work. Oh well other than disinfecting the house, nothing more we can do! Jason and Stacey came home for the weekend. It was great to see them again. Any time they are away is too long. Stacey, Emily, Ava and I lounged around by the pool today. Absolutely wonderful. That is what summer is about. Linda and I are having Suzie's baby shower here on Sat morning. I can't wait to see her again either. It is Chris's birthday also that day. So they will be hanging out later that night too. Nothing else is going on so that is why I haven't been updating. Ava and Emily are spending the night at Grammy and Papa's. This is my first night away from Ava. Oh speaking of Ava, she had her swallow test last Thurs and they didn't find anything other than reflux. So I am doing the waiting game again until the Dr returns from his 2 week vacation. Well that is all for now.
Love everyone lots!!

Sunday, August 10

just more pix

How cute is my family!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 4

a few more prayers please

I would like to ask for a few more prayers and thoughts today. My grandma is in the hospital and had an emergency stent put in. She was having chest pain so my mom brought her in and she had only 1/14 of an inch left open in one artery?. The dr said this has probably been going on slowly for 4 years. So when she just came out of surgery, she started to have a seizure and the nurses and dr.'s came in with the crash cart and had to revive her right away. Everything is alright now, but he thinks that a piece of the stent broke off already and thinks there might have been some internal bleeding going on! They are going to do a CT scan but have to wait until the dye is out of her system from the angioplasty before they can proceed. This is all I know for now and will keep you updated on her progress.
God definetly has a plan!!! Steve was supposed to be in Ann Arbor this week but for some reason or another he has been in Lansing. Thank God!! Today there was a Schindler elevator man in Ann Arbor that was killed on the job. He thought his elevator was on the same floor as him and I guess he didnt notice it was not there. He was on the 5th floor and the elevator was on the 6th floor. He fell 100 ft down. I am so thankful that it was not Steve, but I want to cry for this mans family. I think that I do not want Steve doing this anymore. Money is good but at what cost? I feel sick to my stomach knowing that could have been Steve or Jacob. Please be safe at work, everyone and always pay attention. Especially Steve and Jacob. I love you both and don't want anything bad to happen.
So please keep this man's family in your thoughts and prayers and also my grandma. Thank you.
P.S. I think Ava might be on the mend slowly. She is finally sleeping 3-4 hours during the day and not coughing or choking as much as before.