Monday, September 14

Emily's First day at school

Emily standing by her locker

Emily giving her teacher a high five when leaving

Now she needs to learn to cross her legs!!


Emily and YaiYai baked cookies for her teacher

Getting ready to go

I was a little nervous bringing her but today was the only day that I got to stay with her. Tomorrow I will drop her off for only 1 hr and then Wed the normal time 12-2:30 pm. She was soooo excited to go this morning. She drove me crazy asking me every 10 minutes if it was time to go. She was the only one who actually answered the teachers' questions. She is soo smart. She was shy for about 5 min and that was it. She did really well for her first day, but like I said, I was there. Tomorrow might be different. Anyways, I am excited and nervous. It feels like she is only going like once a week but it is hard for me to fathom, pretty much for the next 12 years!!! Our next stage in our wonderful, busy now life!

Monday, September 7

Emily's 4th Birthday

Emily and Collin swimming

Ava tried to swim in the bowl!

Collin, Lydia, Ava, Emily all in the tub

Papa and Ava in Holland

Look at those waves! She wasn't even scared.

Emily on Uncle Mikes' Harley!!

Em, Ava and Papa

Ava and Uncle Mike

Em showing off her sewing.

I made this cake all by myself!! Can you believe it.
Of course its a castle for our princess.

Em and Daddy are making meatballs, and she did it all herself!

Here is her birthday pics now

Kendelia, Marie, Emily and Dylan

Cousin Marie read all Em's cards to her.

Em and her scooter

Emily's easy bake oven.!!!!!!

Emily and her cake

Ava wearing Emily's life jacket in the house and trying to pick up her sippy cup

Daddy and Ava, Emily in the background at Millenium park

Ava in the cutest(and shortest) outfit. Thanks Linda!

Well Emily's Birthday was Tuesday Sept 1. Since last Christmas, she has been asking for an easy bake oven. Steve was all for it, but I thought maybe she needed to be a little older(the box says for kids age 8 and older). Well she has been sooo interested in cooking with Daddy I finally said yes. She absolutely loved it. When she opened it, she dropped it so fast and ran up to me and hugged me! It made me feel so awesome! I am glad she liked it. She has already made cake and cookies. Of course we all have to try it:) Anyways, she got a ton of cool gifts and she had a lot of fun(even tho aunt Stacey and uncle Jason weren't there) She did get to talk to them on the phone tho. (She really misses you both.)
Well I have been an at home mom officially now. I am unemployed and loving it, other than not having any money. I am spending good, quality time with the girls. Emily starts pre school on Sept 14. She goes Mon thru Thurs 12-2:30. I am so going to miss her. I can't believe it is here already. She is not quite sure about it tho even tho we did go to her school and meet her teacher. She asked me why I wanted her to go to school. It was actually pretty funny.
But everything is going well and hope it is for you.