Sunday, January 25

Ava has another tooth! It is her left eye tooth(I think)
Things are going the same here. Sorry no post in a while. My camera doesn't work so no pics again this time. Thank you Uncle Jason and Aunt Stacey for Emily's letter. She even sleeps with it at night. She loves it!! Everyone is finally over their sicknesses and feeling good. Can't wait for Steve to be back into town again. Life will be normal(somewhat) Anyways, hope all is well with everyone.

Saturday, January 10


Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Katie. We love you too!!

Wednesday, January 7

We are still alive!!

Holy cow! It has been a long time since I posted. Sorry bout that. Anyways, we made it through the holidays!!!!!! yay. Ava did really well and even got excited when she tried to open her presents. Of course big sis had to help her. Emily had a riot with all the parties (she is such a party gal) and all the presents. Emily was told santa wouldn't come to our house if she was still awake. Only kids that are asleep in their beds! On that note:
I have to tell this story: Christmas Eve when we got home, it was really late(11 pm) but little E wanted to snuggle with daddy on the couch. So I told them I was going downstairs to do laundry and actually went outside with my jingle bells. I went up to the front door/window and started ringing my bells. Then I made a thump on the house. (Emily and Daddy were on the couch) Daddy said her eyes got big as saucers, she threw back her blanket, ran down the hall to her bedroom, shut off the light, slammed the door shut and jumped into bed. When I came in I went to her bedroom and she had the covers up to her nose, eyes still wide as could be. I asked why she was in bed and not snuggling with daddy. She whispered I had to be quiet cuz santa was here on the roof and if she wasnt in bed, he would keep going to the next house. She said she heard the reindeer and bells outside. So I said good night and we never heard from her again all night. She even got up at 6 am to go to the bathroom and she told me then he was still up there but then she went straight back to bed.
Steve and I laughed so hard. What a great memory!!!!!
Anyways, both girls have been sick with the cold since Christmas. I even took Ava into the clinic on a Sunday night because she was trying to breathe and it was so hard for her. She did have a double ear infection and bronchialitis. He gave her Amoxicillin and sent us on our way. She is starting to feel better finally(I think) She also can wave her whole arm to say hi or by and loves to jump. Emily has been a fireball! I think terrible twos has been replaced by HORRENDOUS THREEs!!!! She tried to push Ava down a step while Ava was in her walker, she tried to climb her dresser(did get up there to get the lotions and creams-which she smeared all over her carpet) she colored the floor and the TV after I told her 2 times not to! Then to end the day(yes all this in one day) She threw a tantrum: She turned up her radio(Christmas present) as loud as it could go(Ava sleeping meanwhile) turned her light off, slammed the door shut and stomped to her bed!! I was in the process of telling her she needed to stay in her bed for a "rest" and that is what she did! Can you beloieve our little 3 yr old angel acts like a teenager!! Can I change my mind about having kids? If this is a preview of what is to come, I am going to be bald before I know it! Other than that, things have been really busy. Steve threw me a surprise 30th birthday party on Dec 19. Thank you all for a great time! Jason and Stacey even came down for it!
THANK YOU Stacey for being such an awesome, caring and wonderful FRIEND, sister in law and babysitter(gorcery shopper too:) Thank you also to my father in law and Jason for shoveling me out. I really appreciate it. Hope everyone had a safe and happy Christmas and New Year and that things are going good in 2009! I will try to keep this updated now. I also have pictures but having a problem loading them. So maybe next time!! Lots of love