Wednesday, July 30

Ava Grace

Well, this is an update on Ava Grace. She does NOT have pertussis. But the Dr couldn't diagnosis it yet. He gave her an antibiotic(finally) and said we should be able to tell by Sat if it is helping. If not then we need to do a scope on her throat. So keep her in your prayers and thoughts, along with Debbie and Pam. She is too little to be having such problems already. I feel so terrible, especially when she looks at me with those big BLUE eyes as if to say"why aren't you helping me mom!" This is week #4 that she has had this nasty stuff. Anyways, I will keep everyone posted on her condition.

If you didn't know, I brought her in yesterday to have a chest Xray and bloodwork done. Then the dr called me back to the office to swab her nose to check for pertussis(whooping cough) But thank the Lord she doesn't.

Tuesday, July 29


So Jason and Stacey were down for the weekend, which meant not a lot of sleep!! But of course there was time made for a whole bunch of golf, right Jason?! But we had a blast and it was awesome to hang out. My girls missed their aunty and uncle somethin crazy! Saturday night was a little wild, we had a car come through our neighborhood who had a flat tire, then hit the curb. Jacob noticed the driver was very intoxicated and called the police while the driver proceeded to try and drive away. He then hit another car parked on the side of the road and finally pulled over and passed out at the wheel(while in park) By then the cops where there, handcuffed him and took him away and towed the car. Holy cow! It was exciting but yet scary. We did have a fire in our driveway so that was nice. Most everyone was up moving around tho. The party ended pretty early(3-4 a.m. :) It was good to meet Kevin, Yanni, Brandy and Sara, hope they had a good time. But next time, lets go to bed earlier unless someone is babysitting our girls at their house!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 23

I love summer

Tristan and Emily jumping

Tristan, Kendalia, Dylan and Emily

How cute is Kendalia just waking up from her nap!

Dylan being silly

Emily loves the trampoline

Ok. We have had a busy week!! Monday we spent the day at Aunt Jenny's house. Emily adores Tristan and plays absolutely wonderful with him. They make cute little friends and she also tells me she loves him!! How cute. Then Steve came over and we grilled burgers and had some beers. The kids went into the big pool even though it was freezing! Tuesday I had to bring Ava to the Dr for her 2 mo check. She lost weight from Friday-12 lbs 5 oz to 11 lbs 14 oz and 22 1/2 inches. She has been sick and also had thrush and yeast infection with a rash. She has not been real fussy tho for being sick. She has these coughing spells and ends up spitting up and vomiting up most of her bottle so no wonder she has been losing weight. She would only eat about 1-2 oz every 3-4 hrs. She was normally eating 5 oz every 3 hrs. So he gave me some medicine for that but its not helping a ton yet. It is starting to drain her sinuses tho'.Other than that she is doing good. Then that afternoon Linda and Laney came over to hang out in the pool. It was nice to see them again. Then today we played outside in the pool, saw grammy and papa Dyke, then went to Blues on the Mall. Emily loved the music, Ava did pretty well. She was awake the whole time, wide eyed and bushy tailed until she puked up 3 oz of milk on herself. Then she got a little fussy so we left. But while I was there I ran into by best friend from high school, Angie. We sat for 30-45 min catching up. She did not recognize me at first, but then she remembered my beautiful, angelic face!! We exchanged numbers and left it at that. It was nice to catch up with her. So now tomorrow I think we are going to Lamar Park Splashpad and spend some quality family time together before I go back to work next week. Steve is off tomorrow and Friday then he leaves fo Ann Arbor for 5 weeks for work. The airport is not ready for the elevators yet so he has no work there. Then this weekend Jason and Stacey will be in town and I think they are staying here with some friends. So I will have some more photos after this weekend. Bye bye

Sunday, July 20

What a busy weekend! Steve has Fridays off again so that is a plus. He worked on installing the garage door all day Friday and finished around 10 pm. I ended bringing Ava to the Dr. and all he said was she has a summer cold. This poor baby is coughing, choking and throwing up(projectile sometimes) and all he told me was to give her Tylenol if a fever starts!! This sucks, I can't do a darn thing for her. He told me it should only last 3-4 more days. Yeah right. Oh well.
Then Saturday we had a Shrontz reunion in Newaygo and it was my father-in-laws 55th birthday. Then when we got home at 5:30 pm, my sister-in-law called and said she will watch the girls so we could go golfing with the in laws. Then after that (9:30 pm) we picked up the girls and went to their house for pizza and swimming. We finally got home at 11:30 pm. Sunday we went golfing with Heather and Donnie and their daughter Ann babysat Emily and Ava was at my inlaws. We had a blast. I actually shot a 59, the first time ever to be in the 50s.(sat was 66) Then went swimming again(so frickin hot outside) and then came home and made pizza rolls(my fav). So now I am going to go eat.
PS I love putting pictures on here!!!

Friday, July 18

more camping pics

Emily being cute as ever!!

Emily playing with Ava and she's smiling

Moxi wearing Harley and Topper wearing Michigan

Emily, Dad and Grammy waiting for the dog parade

Emily is practicing her "pumping" to swing

Emily finally in the water

Isn't she sooooooo cute!!!

Riding her bike down the ramp from the trailer

Shep with his beads for the parade.