Tuesday, March 24

Steve update

OK, just to update everyone............. Steve has been laid off!! He is officially a stay at home mom:) And I think he can't stand it anymore. Not that he doesn't love his girls, I just think he needs to be at work to make him feel better.(and he's getting cabin fever!!) He also has had the best 4 days with them. They are perfect for HIM! They act the way they should, eat when they should, everything is perfect for the girls. But the minute mom gets home they start acting up! why is that? Then when I am home during the week, I get all the cranky, sick days! What is wrong with this picture!
Anyways, sorry about that. Was distracted for a moment. Anyways, we are hoping that he gets a call soon to come back. But we don't know how long this can go on. He's heard that Otis is starting to pick up, but what can we do but wait. In the meantime, all the house projects should be caught up(as long as they don't require any money) So if any one needs anything done around the house or has any side jobs, let Steve know and I am sure he would be thrilled to get out of the house and help. Take care and hope all is well with everyone!

Friday, March 13

Indoor Beach Day!

Emily singing

Our picnic

Being a cheese ball!

We had a light house, music, picnic, wipes and of course a make shift sun!

And don't forget the pool and beach ball!!

Ava trying to get IN her doll house

Tell me that is not cute!!!

She likes to put the doll house on her feet.

We had a beach day on Thursday. We filled the pool with warm water, had a picnic lunch on the picnic table. We sandwiches, fruit, chocolate, cookies and we saw a seagull trying to eat Emily's sandwich!! What an imagination. We listened to Psalty, sang and played like we were at the beach. It was sooo much fun. I would highly recommend doing this with your little one if you can. She was so excited. We even made our own sun. We did forget to put on sunscreen tho. Poor little E got burned!! Hee Hee. Anyways, just a cute little update.
That is all for now.

Ava update

Ava went to the dr. for her 9 month check up. Here are her stats:
19lbs 8 oz, 28 1/8 inches and her head circumference 18 3/8 in. At her 6 mo check up she weighed 19 lbs 1 oz, so she only gained 7 oz!! Can you believe that. Her length was 27 1/4 in. She just is a little slow in the growing area next to Emily!! That is ok tho. She has 5 teeth (top & bottom two and right eye tooth) and 1 just poked through on the bottom and 2 more just starting(bottom and top) I don't remember Emily having this many at 9 1/2 mo!! She is doing good tho. She is terrified of the dr.s office too. Thankfully no shots this time, only a little poke for her hemoglobin. She does have this temper tho.(wonder where she gets that from?!) She gets to ticked off and just screams bloody murder!! The Dr. said she needs more calories, more bottles. Thank goodness she is not on Nutramigen any more at $25 a can! She is now on $11 formula!!!!!
I am doing better also. My pink eye is gone finally. I had a huge mess trying to get glasses ordered from Lens Crafters, because I just ordered my contacts on Monday(they accept our ins) and Tues I found out I had pink eye. So needless to say we had to pay for my glasses. It was a good thing tho that I finally got glasses with the right rx!! my other ones were 7 yrs old and I couldn't hardly see out of them. I only used them at night before bed, but still!!
Anyways, Steve and Emily are doing good and are ready for spring. She needs to be outside playing and running off her energy. We all are sick of being inside.

Sunday, March 8

Water park talk

So this weekend, my mom took us all to Holiday Inn Express by M-6 and 131(Cutlerville) We got there Friday night and of course went to the Water Park. It was a 3 story slide, whirl pool, hot tub and a kiddie park all indoors. All the kids could not go on the big slide because they were not tall enough. They were kinda bummed. But after Emily walked into the little pool it took me about 10-15 minutes to talk her into going down the slide. She was a little scared just because the water was coming down on her. I finally pushed her into it and made her go down the slide. She LOVED it. She started to finally keep going on her own. She played so well in the water. Normally, for those who don't know, she is deathly afraid of Papa's BIG pool. Over the weekend, she went into the big pool at the park on Daddy's back. She was ASKING to go in by Sat. afternoon. She did awesome! She liked the whirl pool too! My mom also went into the pool with all the grandkids. I think she had as much fun as the kids did.
We also finally got my dad and both brothers to finally go down the slide and they all liked it. Steve and I went quite a few times too! But Calvin and Marie did the most. Emily stayed up both nights real late(Fri 10:30 and Sat 11 pm) She was whipped by Sunday afternoon when we got home. She took a 2 hr nap!!!! Anyways, Sat was Calvins birthday so we ordered pizza for supper and then had cake and ice cream. Then back into the pool.
My mom had given us girls bags at the beginning of the weekend with smut magazines, hand wipes, poppy seed bread, no bake cookies, snacks and magic towels. It was awesome. So I had at least gotten my smut mag read by Sunday. She knows me too well.
Anyways, all in all we had a great time and hope to make it annual. It was good to get away, mini vacation. My inlaws had Ava bean for the weekend. Boy did I miss her. She was happy to see me tho!! She started jumping right away!! Onto another subject real quick, please keep my grandpa in your prayers and thoughts. He had surgery last Wed and is still in the hospital. He had a terrible weekend but the pathology came back negative for cancer!!! But his lung keeps collapsing. Please, he needs a lot of prayers!! Anyways, hope all is well elsewhere! Bye.

Water Park Weekend!!

This is after 2 late nights and 2 days of water park fun!

March 7 was Calvin's 12th Birthday

Mark, Jen, Kendelia, Tristan

Pool and whirl pool

3 story slide

The Kiddie Pool

Emily and Daddy in the big pool!!!! Finally, she is not scared.

That's right!! Papa coming down the slide!

Emily coming down the kiddie slide.

Emily sitting on the window sill eating string cheese in our hotel room.

Kendelia, Emily, Tristan, Marie, Dylan, Calvin

Ava wearing daddy's hat.

Too cute!!!

Aunt Stacey and Emily(wearing Stacey's glasses)