Tuesday, August 18

more pics

Em and Collin-look at her face!!

Em learning a scooter

Ava doesn't like milk-see it coming out of her mouth?!

Em showing off her sewing skills


Nathan and Ava

"You better watch out or I am gonna......"

Ava as snow white

Em's getting married!!


Collin and Em in their PJ's

"Get her off of me!"

Too stinkin cute!


So I have three bulging discs and a tear. I went and got a cortisone shot last Thurs and it has helped tremendously! I can still feel a little pain but now at least I can walk and do stuff again. Yesterday was my first day alone with the girls. It went well and of course I was tired but no problems. I still have to set up my physical therapy tho yet. And of course I am now unemployed too!
Emily is starting to get scared for school. She starts Sept 14. I am going to be a mess that day! Ava is doing good, walking all over the place and LOVES her sissy. Most of the time they get along great but then there are those moments when Ava just gets ticked off at Emily and just screams at her. I will update more tonight, gotta go make lunch.