Saturday, February 28

Disney on Ice

Emily and Flounder

Yai Yai, Aunt Pam, Laney and Emily

Laney and cotton candy!!

Emily when she saw the princesses!! Awesome picture.

Emily and Ava

Emily got dressed up like a princess.

First, this bottom picture is of Debbie opening her birthday present from Denny. It is a trip to Las Vegas with Seve. She cried alot Friday night. Then on Saturday Aunt Pam, Laney, Yai Yai Emily and I went to Disney on Ice. She had a blast!! She loved all the princesses. Yai Yai bought her cotton candy and a coloring book. On the cotton candy was the fish hat, Flounder. We had a great time. Thank you Yai Yai and Aunt Pam!

Friday, February 27


How stinkin cute is Ava!!??

She feel asleep in her jumper

How beautiful and innocent is Emily!!??

Remember when Emily wore this?

Yai yai and Emily getting gorgeous!!

Emily and Ava

Ava is so darn happy!!
Now for the update. Ava has 4 teeth coming in. One front tooth has come in and the others are close behind. She has been feeling good for the most part.
Emily is doing good and is looking forward to preschool this fall. She is too smart for her own good. She also can't wait for Ava to "grow bigger so I can play with her"
Steve sold his motorcycle FINALLY and now I am so excited because we will be able to get Emily her "park" swing set for the back yard. Steve bought a smoker today to he is already going to use it tonight. I am fabulous today because I just got the last ticket to Disney on Ice and will be able to go with YaiYai and little E tomorrow.!!:) That is all for now, I promise to keep this updated regularly now.

Tuesday, February 17

We miss you and are thinking of you today.