Sunday, April 19

My road trip

Well, Steve was in Las Vegas with his mom over the weekend. Denny, my father-in-law, took me on a road trip of our own. My mom babysat my girls for the day on Saturday, while Denny and I went to Little River Casino. It only took us 2 hrs to get there. Way closer then Vegas and I actually came home with money. Sorry Steve!!! It was a blast! Both Denny and I came home with the money we went up there with and more. I won $200 at Roulette. It was my first time playing and I loved it!!! No more wasting time on Black Jack!
We first got started by playing Video Black jack to get warmed up. then we went to a Black Jack table. We were there a whole ten minutes and got our butts handed to us. No joke! Ten minutes and lost $40. So we said forget this and headed to a Roulette table. It was really fun playing it and I still don't know all the rules. Oh well. I will learn slowly. So when we go to Vegas in December, I will be ready. No, they need to be ready for me!!
Anyways, thank you Denny for everything!! I had a really good time and hope you did too!
Also thank you to Grammy and Papa for watching the girls!! So I will post more when Steve gets home and let you all know about his weekend.

Monday, April 6

Week #4

So it has been almost 4 weeks and no call yet for Steve! We need Daddy to go back to work!!! I think he is kinda liking it tho because he gets really good quality time with the girls. He is really gonna miss them bad when he does return to the working world. I have been trying to pick up extra hours at work when they let me. 3 here or there, letting the girls at work know if they wanted a personal day to call me up. I will work for them. It sucks just because I don't get to spend a lot of time with MY girls, but someones gotta do it!!! I am proud to say that Emily has been staying dry at night now for a month and also does not sleep with the railing on her bed for 2 weeks! She is just growing up too fast. And next year she starts preschool in Grandville! Can you believe it. She is enrolled in M, W, F afternoons. I am gonna cry like a baby her first day.
Ava is a hyper little thing. When she wakes up, she has sooooooo much energy it cracks me up. I swear, sometimes I think Steve gives her something! She makes this noise, it sounds almost like she is puking, just to get our attention. Especially Emily's. She just makes these weird random noises to get Emily to come over and play with her. It is totally awesome to see them interact with each other tho! Ava is in awe of her big sister, but I also think she is gonna beat Emily up when she gets older. She does not take any crap from Emily. She even screams back or moves Emily away from her when Emily gets too close or does something Ava doesn't like. It is a hoot!
Well that is all for now, I will try to update some more pics soon!