Sunday, September 28

Linda and I went down to surprise Suzie on Friday. We started cleaning her house when we got there and then when Chris left, about 15 min later he came walking back in and said that they were gonna let Suzie come home today. So we finished cleaning and went up to the hospital. Nathan is so very adorable, I can't even stand it. He makes these little noises(supposed to be cries)but sounds like a dinosaur!! Anyways, we spent about 5 hrs there with her. It was wonderful to see her and she looked GREAT for just having a baby and c-section. Then we left right at 5 pm on a Friday night near Chicago. We totally didn't plan that out right. We got stuck in a traffic jam for 45 minutes and only went 4 miles. Needless to say we got home at 9:30 pm. But it was a good time. Thanks Linda for the excellent conversation and motivation to get my life back on track. The rest of the weekend went by too fast and we did pretty much nothing. Went to mom-n-dad shrontz for dinner Sunday night. Steak for the women and fish for the men. So now the single life starts this week while Steve is in Saginaw. He has to drive there Monday morning, then come home Tues afternoon to go to school in Kazoo, sleep at home, then drive Wed a.m. back to Saginaw, spend the night there and then leave again Thurs afternoon to come to school in GR Thurs night. Hopefully he wont have to work Friday. Well that is all for now. Bye

Thursday, September 25

Wednesday, September 24

IT'S A BOY!!!!!

Nathan Eric Larson was born at 8:03 pm on Sept 24, 2008. He weighed in at 6 lb 10 oz and 20 1/2 inches with, of course, red hair. He was delivered by C-section and Suzie is still in recovery at 10:35 pm. Congratulations Chris and Suzie! We love you and are so very happy for you both!
Well I can't find the camera cord so I guess my adorable pictures will have to wait.
Anyways, we have been busy over here. Last Friday night, we had a surprise dinner party for my mom's 60th birthday at Logans. My in-laws took the girls overnight and we just all hung out at Mark and Jenn's for cake and ice cream. Then we ended up playing euchre til 1 am. Then on Saturday, Steve and I took my nephew Tristan and Emily to the circus. They both had a BLAST! Emily was even dancing in front of her chair. Then we just had family time Sat night and all went to bed early. Then Sunday Steve helped Jacob with his roof and Linda took Emily and Laney for a walk. Not too busy that day. It felt good to just hang out and not have to be anywhere at any certain time. Monday I worked:( Then when I called Suzie that night she was going into the hospital with a migraine. They admitted her and started her induction at 1 am Tues morning. Then Tues at 5 pm they started pitossin and it still wasn't doing a whole lot. Her contractions were 3 min apart and she couldn't feel them(so chris says) So now here it is 10 pm Wed night and still no baby yet!! C'mon already Suz!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyways, that is all going on here. I will post super cute and fab pictures when I find the cord. Make sure you check back on an update for photos and Suzie!

Friday, September 19

We love you.

Tuesday, September 16


We had our 2nd opinion today about Ava and her cough. The Dr. is a woman about my age(maybe a little older) with a 5 1/2 month old too. So she knows about little kids. Anyways, she is convinced that her cough and such is from asthma/allergies. Since there is history from both parents and some grandparents(allergies and asthma) So she gave me an inhaler to give to her 2 times a day for 2 weeks and then another check up. If this doesn't work then she will try another rx. She also took Ava off the Zantac but kept her on the Prevacid, since that is the stronger of the two. So I am impressed with her. then she also gave me 5 containers of formula!! SWEET!!!!! So that is all really from this end. Hope all is well and thank goodness the rain stopped!!

Sunday, September 7

finger painting, more like body painting


My pediatrician referred me to a pulmanologist for Ava and they can't get her in until MARCH 24!! Can you believe that crap!! She will almost be a year old by then. Whatever. I have a second opinion appointment with another pediatrician on Sept 16. Hopefully she will be able to help me sooner. In other news, we had our open house Sunday afternoon and 2 couples and 1 lady came through. The lady said she was possibly interested but her husband was working(semi driver) until middle of the week. So maybe?? It would be nice since this neighborhood sucks. Gloria's (lives across the street) house got broken into sometime last week and they stole her credit cards. We have some real shady people around here. Grandpa Dyke came home from the hospital today. He is doing well.
So I thought Thursday was a good day to do finger paints with Emily since it was raining and she was whining all day because she had nothing to do. Well, from the pics you can just gather how it went. Straight into the shower!! It was fun, but I can't stand that stuff on my fingers and hands. Oh well. She enjoyed it, as you can see.

Tuesday, September 2

Birthday Fun.

Steve and Emily made this man in the sandbox

Her beautiful princess cake

The princess herself!!

Quick side note-This is Ava's hand and footprint at 9 wks and Emily's at 3 yrs. Jenn made this for me. Isn't it awesome. What a great keepsake!

Emily closing her eyes for her final BIG present.
Sorry they are out of order.

Her own princess couch, which folds out to a little bed.

Lovin' her Care Bear Harmony!!

Papa Dyke, Emily and Kendelia

Look at that face! Her BIG bike now!!

Blowin out the candles

What a ham!!

Look at her GO!!!!!!!

She's really good at it already

Look at this smiley one. She loves her Daddy.

So Emily's 3rd Birthday was Monday. It went great. Everyone came over for cake and ice cream and Emily had a riot. She absolutely loved every minute of it. Well lets start from Sunday night. Heather Selby made the cake for little E out of fondant and dropped it off Sunday night. Then we had popcorn, M&Ms and watched Dumbo and snuggled on the couch. She wanted to stay up all night but she fell asleep in my lap around 10:30 pm. We put her into bed and then she started crying saying she didn't want to sleep yet, but within 1.5 minutes was totally out. When she woke up Monday, I was out getting her present(big bike) I called her on the phone and the whole time we were talking she thought I was Aunt Pam!! DUH. So every 5 minutes, she kept asking if everyone was here yet for her birthday until 2 pm. Talk about annoying.! Anyways, she had a blast opening her presents: Couch, care bear, Candy land, Books, foam stickers and then finally her princess bike. We had her close her eyes and when she opened them, she got really excited, big huge round eyes in disbelief, lifted herself off the chair with her arms and then jumped out of her seat. It was absolutely precious, priceless moment. Anyways, kids played in the water, rode bikes, threw sand at each other and then ate pizza for dinner with Tristan, Dylan and Kendelia. Then when she went to bed, I cuddled with her in her bed and we both fell asleep at 9:30. It was a great day for everyone.
In other news, we have an open house on Sunday from 1-3 or 4. So now it's power cleaning time and throwing things out or in the attic in the garage. I can't believe how much crap we gained over 8 yrs. WOW!!!
Oh, my grandpa was hospitalized today with the start of pneumonia at 83 yrs old. That is not good., So keep him in your thoughts please. That is all for now.