Friday, November 6


So here's a lot of what we have been doing: Some of these pictures are older. We took the girls to Klackles and they rode ponies, we went to Chicago for the Tigers baseball game, Emily had her first field trip to Post Family Farm(pumpkin patch and farm) with school and her first time on a school bus. I was so excited I got to go with her!! She and I loved it(other than it being rainy and cold) and Emily and I were the only ones with winter jackets and gloves! DUH people. We went on a hayride and got to pick out pumpkins and then went back and had doughnuts and apple cider. She also had a halloween parade at school and there are some pictures of that. She was the cowardly lion and Ava was a puppy(love the hand me downs from E)Then some of the girls together. Ava can finally wear 2 pigtails!!! yay. Anyways, things are hectic around here. Steve has been sick for about 4 weeks and just yesterday BOTH girls are sick Ava has croup and not sure about E. Both had temps 103.4!! Well, we'll see how things go!

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