Monday, January 25

sad goodbye

Well, last Tues was Emily's teacher(Ms. Sayers) last day. Her job was cut from the school so they gave her a part time position elsewhere. Emily was pretty sad all last week. I didn't think she'd take this hard tho. Today her new teacher(Mrs. Dykstra) started, they did meet before a couple times, but when Emily had to go into the room, she broke down and started sobbing! She said she didn't want to go to school again. "What if I start crying again, mommy?" So I held her and told her that all her friends where still there and the classroom is the same. All the same toys and games and books but she didn't want to go in. So of course it felt like her first day all over again. To top that, I had just gotten done reprimanding her in the bathroom because she is having one of those I am NOT listening to mommy days! All morning long, no matter what I said, three to five times, she would not listen!! So here I get done doing that and then she starts bawling before class. Let me tell you, I feel like mother of the year!! So needless to say, i started tearing up too because then I felt bad for getting after her. Of course ava was sad that sissy had to go to school so she started whining too! What a morning!
Last Monday was also her music teacher's last day. Mr Dykema's job also got cut. So she had a little musical program at school. It was so darn cute, her first program!! I will post pics in a moment. So now her school took away her teacher, music class and gym class! I think computer lab will be next!? Are they going to cut her class time in half too??!!!! I know this economy sucks but come on!! Music and gym class too!!! ok enough of my ranting. Things are going good over here.Ava is starting to put words together-only 2 words but hey its a start! "Come here, my baba, I LOVE YOU, watch me, that's mine" are just a few. Oh she also says "HEY" when Daddy steals some food off her plate, or if he takes mine while I am not looking. She watches out for me!!

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